Previous Versions

Version Description Link
v1.0 Initial Release OTA Install
v1.1 Improved startu for BB Torch OTA Install
v1.1.1 Improved save photo dialog OTA Install
  • Fixes start up issue found on Bold 9700 that displayed error not found.
  • Better handling of saving photos back to album - should resolve those who can't find the saved photos.
  • Added option to save photos at different photo sizes while saving. Previously all photos were saved at their original size, now smaller sizes are available and are faster to process.
  • The controls on the main screen should be anchored and should no longer move or scroll.
  • New Open photo handling :-
    • Loads photos per folder rather than all photos on device
    • Using system thumbnails for faster loading
    • Photos now sorted with most recent first
OTA Install
  • Added 3 new Filters (Color Fade, Rose Tint and RG Contrast)
  • The default behavour of Open Photo will now try to use system file dialog were available (can be changed in options).
  • Performance enhancements.
OS5 or OS6
  • Added "Edit in PixTrix" menu option to the built-in blackberry photo manager.
  • PixTrix now reads the photo meta-data for orientation and automatically rotates the photo accordingly.
  • Photos can be manually rotated with additional options in the PixTrix menu.
OS5 or OS6
  • Lobo and Infrared filters
OS5 or OS6
OS5 or OS6
OS5 or OS6